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Personal Goal Ideas: List of Goals to Set for Yourself in 2021

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DISCLOSURE: This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you buy something through my links I will receive a small commission. It won’t cost you anything extra, and it will help keep this site going. You can read my full disclosure for more information.

Most of us start off the year with New Year’s resolutions. Perhaps we want to work out more, eat healthier, become more organized, or learn something new.

You may ask yourself, “What are good personal goals in life?”

We all want to achieve more and better ourselves, especially in a new year. We can set different personal goals for 2021, and with a plan, these goals will be achievable.

I dive further into autism-specific goal setting and motivation in my article Autism, Motivation & You.

Let’s dive into the personal goals examples list.

Individual Goals

1. Spending More Time with Family

We get busy with our lives rushing from one event to another, and we might not get as much time with family as we want to. It’s important to spend time with the people we love. We are all mortal and we don’t have forever.

2. Stop Smoking

We may have a nasty habit of smoking that we’ve been trying to quit. Nicotine is a hard habit to break, but plenty of people have done it before. If you’ve been trying to quit smoking, maybe today is the day to start.

3. Spend Less and Save More Money

It’s easy to spend money and even harder to make money. I am a believer that no one can budget themselves out of poverty. If you are financially struggling because you don’t make enough money to survive, this might not apply to you as much. Keep going and I hope our minimum wage gets raised soon.

If you are someone that has some disposable income to work with, you might have a goal to stop spending your disposable income on things you can never get back, or you may have buyer’s remorse after a purchase. 

My friend Dave Bochichio over at The Dollar Blogger has a helpful article on the subject How to Drastically Cut Household Expenses: 11 Life Hacks. He is also the February 2021 interview with an autistic entrepreneur.

4. Adopt a Cat or Dog

I’m biased and hope you adopt a cat, but adopting a dog is good too. There are plenty of animals that need homes, even rabbits and ferrets. If we can afford one and can give a furry friend a good life, we can welcome them into our homes and families.

If you can’t adopt, then perhaps you can volunteer at an animal shelter or foster an animal instead.

5. Read More

We may have a stack of paper books, a collection of audiobooks, or a growing list of ebooks on our devices that have gone unread. Perhaps this is the year to start and finish reading the books we own.

Health Goals

1. Eating Healthier Foods

We live in a world full of fast food and processed foods. We may want to eat healthier, or a doctor tells us we need to eat better for a medical condition. It is important we consult a doctor or nutritionist before starting any new dietary plan.

2. Exercising More

Even small amounts of physical activity per day can make a difference. Before diving into an intense workout routine, it’s important to consult a professional to reduce the likelihood of injury.

3. Losing Weight

Sometimes having too much excess weight can be unhealthy depending on our body type, but it doesn’t always mean someone is unhealthy. If you want to shed some extra pounds, make sure you follow the advice of a dietician and don’t starve yourself. 

Drastically lowering your caloric intake can seem like a good idea to lose weight fast, but trust me on this one, it will wreak havoc on your body. Slow and steady gets to the goal on time.

4. Gaining Weight

Because of health conditions, natural physique, or recovering from an eating disorder, gaining weight might be our goal. Nutritionists can be very helpful under these circumstances.

Self-Improvement Goals

1. Setting Aside More Time for Ourselves

Sometimes we get busy in life and have a hard time getting away from it all. We may want to set aside more time to do things we enjoy, like reading, taking a hot bath, seeing a movie, and so forth.

2. Learning to Enjoy Being by Ourselves

Learning to enjoy learning to be by ourselves can be a blessing. For the outgoing folks, this might feel harder for you to enjoy, but it is well worth it.

3. Being Kinder to Ourselves

We can have a habit sometimes of putting ourselves down, or saying things to ourselves that we would never say to other people. I’ve never really been a fan of the self-love concept, but what we think about ourselves can directly affect our actions.

If we are constantly telling ourselves that we are not enough, that no one likes us, that we aren’t worth anything, you will just fall deeper into self-loathing. Life is too short to spend it hating yourself.

If you think about something you said 3 years ago that embarrassed you, we all have those moments, it’s best to just let it go.

There’s also the “I should” have done this or that, or I wish I made another choice cycle we can get trapped in. I think our minds lock in on something and beat ourselves up about a decision in the past as if it will change the past, but the past is over and we must move on. We learned from whatever it is we wished we would have done differently, and we can make a better choice in the future.

Personal Learning Goals

1. Learn a Language

Becoming fluent in a new language can give us the ability to communicate with others in our society who may not speak our native language. Sometimes, learning to speak a popular language in our area can give a boost to our careers.

2. Learning to Play a Musical Instrument

Learning to play a new instrument can give our brains a good amount of needed mental stimulation. It can be a fun way to spend our time, if we feel the need to express our creativity.

3. Learn a Coding Language

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to create a smartphone or tablet app, you will need to learn a coding language. It could be a wonderful goal if that is something that interests you.

4. Learn About a New Subject

There may be a subject that has always fascinated you with such as science, physics, astronomy, economics, finance, and so forth. 

My favorite subject is breaking up corporate monopolies. It might be an odd special interest, but it is one of mine.

There are thousands of books covering topics of anything you could ever imagine. There is an entire world out there full of new subjects you could learn.

5. Start a New Hobby

You may love making things with your hands such as; pottery, needlepoint, crochet, scrapbooking, woodworking, and so forth.

Perusing your local craft store could give you a multitude of ideas and new projects to create.

Personal Goals List – Conclusion

This concludes the personal goals list for 2021. I hope I have given you some good personal goal ideas.

As they say, it is an enormous world full of endless possibilities.

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